Evident hidden | Code: 324793

Zenith| Code: 282156
Colors flight | Code: 342932
Evident hidden | Code: 324793
About art work

TECHNIQUE: oil painting
SIZE: 70*50 cm

lease: 420$ for 6 months and 800$ for 12 months

Sale: 1200$

About artist:

name: Sara Alamdari
Born: Iran
Year of birth: 1980
She is a contemporary artist whose diverse artistic practice engages the complicated relationship between traditional non-Western art and Western Modernism. Through a variety of forms including painting, collage, drawing and installation, Sara has found the potential for image-making to function critically in its use as a tool for a certain renegotiation of history.

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Lease for 6 months 420$ ­­♦♦♦ Sale for 1200$