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original painting
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Code : 392393
original painting
About art work

TECHNIQUE: Mix material
SIZE: 50*70 cm

lease: 700$ for 6 months and 1200$ for 12 months

Sale: 2800$

About artist:

Name: Shagaeg Ahmadi
Born: Iran
Year of birth: 1984
She was born in 1984 in Iran, into an artist family. Shagaeg received her M.A. in painting from the Fine Soore Art University of Tehran. She tries with her own means to express the world around her. Some of her exhibitions are 2Christies, Dubai & International modern & contemporary Art, April 2010 & Christies ,Dubai & International modern & contemporary Art, Arab & Iranian ,October 2010. As well as, she had exhibitions in Italy, turkey and 7 countries.
Shagaeg is a member of the Association of Artists in Iran and her works has appeared in exhibitions in the more than 17 nationals and international exhibitions.
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original painting

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